sweet trip

Love having the night and day away.  Don’t know what will become of our destination – the Huff and Puff Hot Air Balloon Rally.  As it went from sprinkling to pouring as we drove up.  I checked into the weather a couple of days ago and that was not supposed to happen.

But now it is almost 5 AM and there’s a 40 percent chance of rain this morning.  I don’t know what is next but we will enjoy it.  Like we enjoyed wrestling everyone in the hotel room, boys vs girls pajama party and like I enjoyed listening to all the sleepy breathing and feeling lucky just to be so close to my sweet everybodies last night.  Up at 3, but I’m sure I will sleep again sometime today.

May have to update with some photos of what we  did.


August 28th

We have gotten somewhat settled into a school schedule and are signed up for 8 weeks of tumbling/ two nights a week.  That ought to keep us out of trouble especially when scouts comes around to fill the other day/ days.

After a couple of weeks of anticipation and computer tricks, I have gotten a chance to check out my super-exciting photoshop creative suite extended version 5 software now and am excited and lost.  Some things will be super- simple and fast- much easier than the 7-year-old and more limited version I have been using. But some things will take some training and they do not send you a manual, I guess because they know you would not read it and will pay more for the class or the comprehensive videos or stumble around in the dark and rely on the kindness of internet strangers to send some help.  I think I can watch most of a free online class in a few weeks and learn more about the changes.

Reading about schizophrenia which is very interesting.  Still seeing mostly drug induced stupidity disorders however.  There was a guy who came in to the hospital yesterday saying I’m addicted to my pain meds and I need more untill I can see my doctor.  In the next paragraph, denies being addicted and says he only takes them as prescribed.  He went away unfulfilled and I didn’t even have to chat with him.  I did get to try to calm the young man who was on a 96 hr hold who swore he would lose his job and daughter if he didn’t get to work in 5 hours.  he finally admitted to working for his dad and eventually decided not to bother calling in to work.

It is still roasting.  They had postponed the local summer fair and this weekend they had it. Scott was sleeping and I had slept a bit.  So the kids and I went at 10 am and left at my boiling point around noon although there was so much for the kids to do, we could have definitely stayed longer.

I was a little surprised, just a little, to see where JJ had gone while I turned my back on him to take Rachel to a different nearby activity.

First day of school went off without any major hitches.  Hundreds of car into CJ today.  Saw one or two small fender benders.  Probably teenagers surprised by the crowds they never expected. 

Rachel said that her day was pretty good.  got better when she saw Eden and the other remaining Rachel at recess. JJ said he was happy to see his classmates and who they were.  Skyler’s name came up. 🙂

Was relieved when they made it home with happy reports.  It was 93 or so while I waited and swept the garage out.

100 and What?  I PROTEST

Could be up to 100 AND 7 tomorrow. 

By the time Wednesday rolls around and it is headed for 100 and 6, we will be headed to Lake Michigan

and hopefully about 80 and 8 🙂

Until then there are ways to keep cool

1. The pool

2. The popcicles and home made ice cream/ soy dream (yeah I know, yuckier than the real deal)

3. Turn off the washer, dryer, stove, and dishwasher/ They only add to the heat 🙂

4. Ice Cold Soda that I don’t drink the rest of the year

5. Non stop air conditioning (It’s so bad, it’s good)

6. Salads

7.  Head in the freezer, feet in an ice bucket

8. Pictures of January

9. Movies in the coolest room or basement

10. Movies in the cool room/basement underwear party                                                                   Yoga in the Park

                                                       at sunset.



Day Camp

Rachel (yes our little baby girl , well no more “little baby”) went off to day camp at the Girls Scouts Wednesday and had a good time swimming, painting, being called a Daisy although she knew she was a Brownie now and seeing old friends she missed this summer.  I remember girl scout camp when I went and spent a few nights for a year or maybe two.  Both Rachel’s Grandmothers were also girl scouts in their youth.  I am glad she has this opportunity. 






Off Weekend 7-11-11

I had an extra day off this weekend and Scott had two extra days on.

With a lot of patience it seems I’ve managed to get nothing done.

Well more than that I’m sure.  We got to Springfield and back, cleaned JJ’s room, and the kids played with friends.

The table got wiped, the dog got brushed again, and the bathrooms got cleaned. But it feels like the to do list has not changed on iota. I have not been able to upload and order prints, find a scrapbook page that I was working on and follow the directions which I did find, have two room cleaned at once or sleep more than five hrs. at a time. Thanks in part to a slowed down computer, a self-dirtying house and too much heat and humidity to shake a leg or break a move.    WAAAAAAA!

But JJ’s room does look good and has us motivated to make it a bit more easily organized.  My room looks good too and I am completely caught up on my favorite series on DVD, Mad Men, and I will now have to watch it on TV when scheduled.  We got a back to school notice for Rachel’s teacher and she is going to Brownie camp for the day on Wednesday. 

Today will be a fun day of dentist apts., toy returns, bank visits, and work later.  I’ll take a book and my patience and see how it goes.

The Forth

We has a nice night for the fort of July fireworks. First ice cream for the kids and a burger for me . Then over to the grassy Ozark Christian College as the temperature dropped as the sun went down some. Poor Scott was at work but Grandma the kids and I went towards the Joplin fireworks to enjoy the boom-pop. There was a lot of both. The kids tried to pile up in my lap on the folding chair with mixed results As their tired Mommy started to doze. The show was good though Two nights before, Scott shot some off at home for their entertainment and his. Pretty fun stuff.