January 2nd, 2011











We are never the worse for our dreams…

—Lyn Hejinian

Dreaming of a Happy new Year with lots of creativity and lively dreaming!

One day off,

Last week I got three.  This week one.  We had time to go to the jewelry store to have them fix the prongs on my engagement ring, which he said are all needing replaced.  I figured out one of them needed repair when it was bent one day at work.  We walked around Octoberfest quickly and grabbed a bite to eat.  Then I was on home duty while Scott slept and we worked on Halloween things.  JJ’s pumpkin carving contest is on his mind on Monday at the Boy Scouts, so we started on that tonight.  Rachel had a good day with the Girl Scouts’, taking a Fall Stroll. She came back singing new songs.  I made mac and cheese for the kids, and bran muffins for me.  Cleaned out the car and the fridge.  Downloaded a bunch of pictures and froze up the computer many times.  And here we are.  Still have a couple of things to do and some sleep to bank for tomorrow.  Then next Saturday, I’ll be ready for another day off. By then it will be almost Halloween! I am hoping I will have time to sneak a peak at the home makeover’s work tomorrow and time to edit my pictures during the week.  The pace at work has been at times much better for almost a week.  This week the weather will be warmer, and soon St John’s psych unit will be open!

First of all there is a tiny tiny golden fish in the tank, perhaps the span of evil.  But he is nice and shy for now.

Then the other night, Scott got tired of the current fish situation, and flushed evil when the kids weren’t looking.

Had to come to the toilet when they yelled that Evil was in it swimming around.  He said, “wow he is alive! amazing I thought he was dead!”

too funny.  He is back outside the aquarium watching and swimming in his jelly jar. I am concerned about our plumbing.


“Whoever desires to love life
and see good days,
let him keep his tongue from evil
and his lips from speaking deceit;
11let him turn away from evil and do good;
let him seek peace and pursue it.
12For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
and his ears are open to their prayer.
But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”

1 Peter 3:8-18

Good Vs Evil

We have the aquarium set up and are all enjoying picking  the fish, watching the fish, and occasionally replacing the fish.There was a large Platty who Rachel picked out as one of our first fish who seemed to be chasing and nipping at everyone else. The kids named him Evil.  We started to suspect his involvement when someone turned up lifeless in the morning and when others would hide all day.  I took him out for a while and placed him in a dish.  The kids put him back. 

I told the fish store lady we had an aggressive Platty.  She asked if I knew if he was a male.  um, no.  We got him a girlfriend in case that was the problem, but his behavior did not change.  He is Evil and everyone else seems to be Good.  We can’t take him back, unfortunately and can’t throw him back into our tank of living victims.  So he sits off to the side of the aquarium for now thwarted in his attempted intimidation and murders.  The kids like to give him another chance now and then, but he probably can not be rehabilitated.  Another small aquarium would be too much money for a fish with a bad reputation and an unknown lifespan although I am temped to buy him a nicer place for his confinement. Which leads us to the ultimate question: How do we treat evil we can no longer avoid.  Is flushing justified?


Trying to get going to enjoy a trip to the stores all alone. Enjoying the quiet and concentration as I do so. Sort of blah with neck aches and toothaches and a lot to do. Missing my blog as it misses me. It has been hard to shift gears from getting our living room back together, to a more balanced life. ALl the books came out of the bookshelf one night when I went to work…and none of mine went back in. So much of my brain was off kilter, which was not the result of tripping over them everytime I needed a stamp for my bills or a pen, but might as well have been. Then I couldn’t move any into my work- book-bookcase because it was crumpling apart underneath the fish tank. So finally that was replaced and restocked. And I was able to get the fiction and nonfiction stacked t deep into the old entertainment center/new bookcase. Then we could walk. Last night I finally got the last few back in order and now there is only a couple of hunded cd’s to find a home for. Off to find them a storage box. I’ve gotten two closets cleaned and a jump on putting back the winter clothes and grabbing a couple more blankets for the winter weather which is hiding in the depths of the fall air.

By Wednesday night still working on it, but getting better.


Walking and Photos

By now, I’ve walked over 90 miles in a circular fashion, in place, and in square block formations.  I also counted a couple of yoga sessions as slow walking because they are haaaard, haaaarder than walking and it works for me. 

I had a nice weekend with the kids and husband.  Friday we cleaned house and went to check out Chicken Annie’s in Pittsburg, Kansas.  Iwas not great but was a good change of pace and the kids certainly liked fried chicken and fries.  Saturday we hung around, went to the community center and listened to it rain rain rain.  Sunday/ Today we went to church, read the Sunday paper and went to the movies to see spy kids in 3D.  Not too horrible really.  The rain seems to have passed now leaving wet and calm behind. 

Looking at my dairy- free cookbook for another recipe for tomorrow.  So far so good with theirs.  We had a very rich white sauce for our pasta the other night that the rest of the brave family could add parmesan cheese to…  It had soy milk and tofu blended up and thickened with some flavoring and stuck to my ribs like a real high fat sauce should.  And I made dairy-free baked donuts/ turned cupcakes just in case anyone was going to starve. 

Here are some photos along the beach at Ocean City the first afternoon that we hit the beach. 8/4/2011.  As you can see there was a lighthouse with a long walk or catwalk out to it to explore.


made it 7 days in a row. Feels good, looks better.  Now to get back to it.

sweet trip

Love having the night and day away.  Don’t know what will become of our destination – the Huff and Puff Hot Air Balloon Rally.  As it went from sprinkling to pouring as we drove up.  I checked into the weather a couple of days ago and that was not supposed to happen.

But now it is almost 5 AM and there’s a 40 percent chance of rain this morning.  I don’t know what is next but we will enjoy it.  Like we enjoyed wrestling everyone in the hotel room, boys vs girls pajama party and like I enjoyed listening to all the sleepy breathing and feeling lucky just to be so close to my sweet everybodies last night.  Up at 3, but I’m sure I will sleep again sometime today.

May have to update with some photos of what we  did.

August 28th

We have gotten somewhat settled into a school schedule and are signed up for 8 weeks of tumbling/ two nights a week.  That ought to keep us out of trouble especially when scouts comes around to fill the other day/ days.

After a couple of weeks of anticipation and computer tricks, I have gotten a chance to check out my super-exciting photoshop creative suite extended version 5 software now and am excited and lost.  Some things will be super- simple and fast- much easier than the 7-year-old and more limited version I have been using. But some things will take some training and they do not send you a manual, I guess because they know you would not read it and will pay more for the class or the comprehensive videos or stumble around in the dark and rely on the kindness of internet strangers to send some help.  I think I can watch most of a free online class in a few weeks and learn more about the changes.

Reading about schizophrenia which is very interesting.  Still seeing mostly drug induced stupidity disorders however.  There was a guy who came in to the hospital yesterday saying I’m addicted to my pain meds and I need more untill I can see my doctor.  In the next paragraph, denies being addicted and says he only takes them as prescribed.  He went away unfulfilled and I didn’t even have to chat with him.  I did get to try to calm the young man who was on a 96 hr hold who swore he would lose his job and daughter if he didn’t get to work in 5 hours.  he finally admitted to working for his dad and eventually decided not to bother calling in to work.

It is still roasting.  They had postponed the local summer fair and this weekend they had it. Scott was sleeping and I had slept a bit.  So the kids and I went at 10 am and left at my boiling point around noon although there was so much for the kids to do, we could have definitely stayed longer.

I was a little surprised, just a little, to see where JJ had gone while I turned my back on him to take Rachel to a different nearby activity.

First day of school went off without any major hitches.  Hundreds of car into CJ today.  Saw one or two small fender benders.  Probably teenagers surprised by the crowds they never expected. 

Rachel said that her day was pretty good.  got better when she saw Eden and the other remaining Rachel at recess. JJ said he was happy to see his classmates and who they were.  Skyler’s name came up. 🙂

Was relieved when they made it home with happy reports.  It was 93 or so while I waited and swept the garage out.